Low Pressure Test Pump SI Pressure Instruments Series LTP1

Hand pumps provide pressure and vacuum generation in 25 inHg vacuum to 30 psi

The SI Pressure LTP1 pneumatic hand pump acts as a dual source of pressure and vacuum. This hand pump's small range makes very fine adjustments easier. The LTP1's range is 25"Hg vacuum to 30 psi, with 0.00145 psi sensitivity.

These hand-held, portable hand pumps from SI Pressure supply pressure generation with standard fine-tuning adjustments and pressure relief valves. These pressure hand pumps are ideal for use with electronic calibrators, digital indicators, analog gauges, pressure transmitters, transducers, relief valves, or similar instrumentation.

The rugged and reliable design of these hand pumps and the fine adjustment controls added to their design provides a low cost way to verify the performance of pressure instrumentation. SI Pressure LTP1 Hand Pumps can be purchased independently, or in a kit including carrying case, NPT adapters, seals, and hoses.

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